Scandinavian Aerospace Group is managed by world’s most experienced award winning management.

Our Mission

Within our companies, operational safety is of the utmost importance and will never be compromised. Safety is at the core of our values and is offered to our customers, partners, and employees alike. We are committed to maintaining world-class safety standards and meeting industry safety regulations.

Maximizing shareholders’ return on investment is a key goal for our success. We aim to use our assets efficiently to generate sustainable profits for all stakeholders. We understand that our customers have a choice when it comes to who they fly with or use, and we are dedicated to providing them with the best products and services in the industry.

Our employees are our most valuable resource. They are the backbone of our company and we strive to have not only highly motivated employees but also the best and most productive employees in the industry. We use industry best practices in personnel management and development to achieve this.

Corporate responsibility is also an integral part of our values. We will continue to adopt systems and procedures that increase the company’s accountability, transparency, and control. We believe that serving our community in good times and in critical times is not only a duty but also an honor and privilege.

Helitrans AS

HELITRANS is one of Norway’s leading domestic helicopter companies. With bases strategically located throughout the country, from Alta in the north to Kristiansand in the south, as well as seasonal bases, our assistance is always close by.

Scandinavian Aerospace Academy

The Academy is a premier flight training organization founded by aviation professionals, officially becoming an EASA Approved Training Organisation in 2016 by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authorities.

Scandinavian Business Jets

We have management who has successfully performed aircraft management for several decades in award winning Airlines”.Our clients appreciate our professional and reliable service with an exemplarily high safety standard.

Scandinavian Aerospace Helo

We at HELO adore the Icelandic nature and consider it to be a privilege to have the opportunity to share our vision and experience with our guests.  

Six Sigma Helitrans

Six Sigma Helitrans Aviation is a Helicopter company based in New Delhi. Six Sigma Helitrans Aviation started its journey in the Year 2022 by joint Venture of Dr Pradeep Bhardwaj, CEO – Six Sigma Healthcare, India & Mr. Ole Christian, CEO – Helitrans, Norway.

Scandinavian Aerospace Gear

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Scandinavian Fire,Search&Rescue

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Scandinavian Airtech

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